Outplacement services for individuals and groups are available as brief workshops, ongoing seminars, and personal in-depth interviews to assess specific curiosities, talents and personal needs. The quality of our training is unsurpassed, and our fees are extremely reasonable. 


Changing careers can bring challenges that might include disorientation and confusion for people facing the complexities of today’s fast-changing economy. Our team effectively reduces the anxiety and anger that often go with change. Our simple algorithms show people how to proceed step-by-step to move up the skills ladder over the span of their careers.


No one wants boilerplate resumes or the trite formulas that herd people into dead-end careers. When people find a calling that is in tune with their nature, they make better choices about what to do with their lives. Most individuals appreciate effective outplacement services that conscientious companies include in severance packages. Great companies are known for excellent products. They are revered for the way they treat their people.


When an individual leaves a familiar job and corporate culture, they can use the information and guidance provided by qualified, highly experienced counselors. Miamar Productions offers four options based on thorough in-person interviews:


1) professional reorientation

2) job search assistance

3) entrepreneur training

4) retirement options


Each of these options can be supplemented with a series of follow-up sessions over a period of weeks. 


Three factors set Miamar Productions apart from other outplacement agencies. First, our unique human centered approach is tailored to the needs of each person. Second, our senior consultants have been assisting people change their careers since 1980 with outstanding results. And third, our top consultants have advanced education combined with real-world experience. Our senior associates integrate assessment tools from psychometrics, psychology, and career design. 


All of our consultants have participated in many lean start-ups and have written extensively on the topics of business design, project management, innovation, and customer service. The Miamar team has launched hundreds of small businesses throughout the US and the EU. Our clients have a success rate far above average due to our diligent follow through and our learning-by-doing approach. By conducting small pilot projects with candidates, we collaborate with people in real-world situations they will encounter in the nearly forming business climate.


Studies suggest that the labor market will transform radically by 2030. More than 80% of the new ventures will provide jobs based on products and services that haven’t even been invented yet. According to the Economist, more than 60 million programmers worldwide will lose their jobs to the very programs and software solutions they developed. Drones, robots, smart machines, and self-driving trains, planes, trucks, and automobiles will provide cheap, efficient labor for society. 


People-oriented jobs, on the other hand, will require a tremendous number of people with superior empathy and social skills. When an island community shifted from an agricultural economy to high-end tourism, we provided the communication tools and intensive rehearsal to transform the workers from field hands into first-rate service personnel.


Our highly flexible training systems emphasize advanced communication skills, which automatically infers innovative video feedback and quality circles capable of changing attitudes and behavior patterns. Our warm, friendly consultants blend innovative training and communication training with highly reliable, measurable talent and interest inventories. People skills are proving to be the most essential element in the emerging marketplace. 


Outplacement is a rapidly growing element of severance agreements intended to develop skills and attitudes appropriate to the place of change. Our approach is organized around an innovative variation of Socratic dialogue. Our associates carefully observe physiological changes that occur as people draw closer to their interests. Along with business knowledge and skills, individuals develop a better understanding of themselves and others.


Our aim is to assist people reduce the gap between unemployment and their new career.