Communication. Innovation. Mentorship. 


Bright, curious people form the core of successful companies. Only the most effective leaders have the skills to develop their people and forge them into superior teams.


The interactions between people create the financial engine of companies. Human dynamics determine the limits and capabilities of every business and family system. When you can sort out the patterns of communication you can determine the governing dynamics of any human endeavor. Your ability to read the intent and momentum of your teams give you the skills to achieve better outcomes. 


Miamar Productions trains teams and organizations in 2 essential disciplines—communication and innovation. These skill sets form the core of leadership. Our unique Communication Transformers are powerful observation and feedback tools you can use to coordinate and integrate your people. Our Innovation algorithms tap the curiosity in individuals and teams. 


You can’t pressure people into getting results. Curiosity is the only construct that dissolves conflict and bridges differences of opinion. To create a communicative, innovative business you have to reduce idle chatter by weaving alert curiosity into every conversation and process in your day-to-day operations. People must recognize when their actions light up the team. We show your leaders and managers how to observe connections and provide distinct feedback to generate the power of team spirit.  


When a company discovers how to integrate communication with innovation, that enterprise doesn’t just lead the field. An alert, motivated firm creates legendary achievements that others will emulate for decades.




When your only tool is a hammer, everything begins to look like a nail.

When your only strategy is problem-solving, everything begins to look like….


Curious companies take the lead in their respective fields. Curious people collectively notice better ways of doing things. We can all think of the famous leaders who took credit for building great companies. Rarely does anyone notice the complex interactions that created the breakthroughs. Consistent teamwork creates a series of events that is incomprehensible. Team spirit is the magnetic quality that fills stadiums and wins raving fans. 


All companies strive to communicate, but habitual forms get in the way. Leaders see the need for innovative communication, but precognitive concepts block their vision. Few achieve the eager participation necessary to transcend habitual thinking. Organizations expend tremendous effort trying to improve traditional processes, such as sales and marketing by solving problems and motivating people. 


Miamar Productions has sorted out the missing steps in the process of high performance. Our unique methodology shows you how to see patterns of action, behavior, and consequences that occur between the people you count on for results.


Miamar also provides effective mentors for decision makers. If you need a fresh perspective, feel free to contact us so we can set up a brief dialogue to see how our approach fits your needs.

About Us

Miamar Productions provides human dynamics and communication training for corporations and international businesses. We recruit the finest consultants from throughout Europe and America.


We select pleasant people who demonstrate the highest integrity. You can be sure they will deliver a light, lively training that will make it fun and exciting to embrace a new spirit of cooperation. 


To grow, companies have to blend personalities, disciplines, cultures, and industries. Adaptive companies develop common patterns of communication that employ precise observations and accurate feedback. This is where we can help. Linguistic and conversational training are adequate to connect the social systems. But team spirit requires sensory patterns that engage the magnetic fields, along with profound curiosity about the nature of quantum entanglement.


When you lead a company or own a business, you require profound knowledge of yourself and others. Miamar Productions provides business mentors whose experience and feedback can make the difference between success and failure. 

Human dynamics determine the outcome of every event in business. You can discern the governing dynamics in your game by learning to read patterns of communication between the key players.